Cleveland Gaurdians Raffle


How to purchase raffle tickets:

  1. Create a login. Go to
    • Use your full name & email
    • If you already have an account, just log in
  2. Upload profile picture.
  3. Enter Join Code: 954933 Click "Join Now".
  4. Click the Parent Icon to send texts to both parents, then click NEXT.
    • Your parents can now share the fundraiser & help add emails.
  5. Click the Email Icon to upload & send at least 20 quality emails.
    • Use the Import button to upload emails directly from your email provider.
    • Click the Donor Reload Button to email donors from your last fundraiser.
  6. Click the Text Icon to send out 10 texts to potential donors.
  7. Click the Social Media Icon to share on Facebook & X.
  8. Save profile to home screen or desktop & screenshot your QR Flyer.
    • This shortcut allows you to check your fundraiser goals & invite more donors.

Participation Expectations:

  • Send a Parent Share Text to each one of your parents/ guardians
  • Work with your parents to enter at least 20 emails of family, friends & potential supporters
  • Send 10 texts to people that could support you in reaching your fundraising goal
  • Have a parent/guardian post to Facebook
  • Click on the QR Flyer from your home screen & save a screenshot!