The Ohio Glaciers are committed to building a strong foundation for select young men who are committed to optimizing their baseball potential through hard work, determination, respect of the game through excellence and competitive sportsmanship. Each player will challenge himself to put in the time necessary to learn the fundamentals and strategies of the game, while building character, self-image, and team spirit through a collaborative effort of disciplined preparation. We then combine the right mix of attitude, respect and athletic prowess to not only improve the team's win/loss record but to bring out the best in every young man by preparing them for the ultimate game - the game of life.

We are also committed to provide each player with the highest quality of coaching and top-level training in the country. However, it's only one of the reasons why the Glaciers attract some of the best travel players from around the United States. Here are a few more:

  • We offer a vast age expansion to compete; from divisions 8U through 17U.

  • By continuously seeking and playing in highly competitive tournaments around the country, each player is given the chance to better their game by competing at the highest level possible

  • The Glaciers track record speaks for itself. Our organization has won more than its share of competitive tournaments, ¬†National Championships, World Series Championships and has been nationally ranked 3 consecutive years in the top 20 teams

  • In addition to the team's success, the Glaciers are also focused on helping individual players through collegiate and minor league placement.

  • Our indoor facility and 10 outdoor fields, allow players to have year-round training.

Glacier Sports, Inc. is a non-profit organization focused on helping each player enhance their baseball development by providing them with the highest level of coaching and training possible, while minimizing the financial expenses through corporate sponsorship and fundraising activities.

If you require any information for filing tax exemption claims or to confirm our 501c3 status, click on the IRS logo.