Rules and Policies for all Glaciers Teams

There are several rules & policies all players and teams are required to follow in order to be considered eligible for Glacier Baseball competition. Conduct is expected to be positive and becoming.

  1. The purchase, distribution or use of alcohol, tobacco or any other drug by a player without written consent of a licensed, practicing physician is prohibited.
  2. Foul language on or off the field is prohibited. Violation will result in sitting out a game.
  3. Throwing and/or abuse of equipment are prohibited. In the event that equipment is thrown/abused and damaged, the player will be expected to reimburse Glacier Sports, Inc. for replacement costs.
  4. Uniforms should be kept clean, in good repair, and always tucked in when Applicable; from calisthenics until the game is completed, uniforms should be worn correctly. Only uniforms authorized by the Glacier Board can be worn during games.
  5. Hats should be worn correctly (i.e. straightforward) when applicable.
  6. Players will sprint to and from their positions. Players will run at full speed on all ground balls and fly balls, no matter how "inevitable" a putout might appear.
  7. No outside food or drink is allowed in the dugout during a game. Ice water and/or Sports drinks are allowed.
  8. No spectators are allowed in the dugout during a game. This includes parents, family members, friends, girlfriends, scouts, etc. (nor is any non-player allowed to visit with you during a game).
  9. Players are allowed to leave the dugout during a game for the following reasons: to retrieve a foul ball, go to the bathroom, warm up/stretch/throw, or in a medical or weather related emergency. Players are expected to perform the necessary function and return to the dugout without incident. Any other request to leave the dugout should be discussed with and approved by a member of the coaching staff.
  10. All players are required to help carry equipment at practices and at games.
  11. Altercations between team players or opposing players are discouraged and prohibited. While tempers can flare unexpectedly, any fighting will be disciplined by immediate suspension and probable dismissal from the team.
  12. All players/guardians are expected to call a member of the coaching staff in the event a practice or game is to be missed. If a player is absent without permission, the minimum penalty is an immediate suspension with a maximum penalty of dismissal from the team.
  13. For those athletes who compete in more than one sport which requires additional training/games during the baseball game season, the following applies: Training/game activities should understand that for each game/practice that is missed because of the other sport, the player will be benched the same number of games. During the baseball season, the program assumes Glacier Baseball is your priority. If you know there is an unavoidable conflict during the baseball season between another sport commitment and the Glacier Baseball season, (April 1st thru July 31st ) please do not tryout.  You will not be rostered.
  14. Players are expected to uphold Good Sportsmanship at all times. In short: players will keep their temper regardless of victory or defeat, be good sportsmen and never heckle opposing players, umpires or spectators. Unless otherwise indicated, the penalties for any of the aforementioned rule violations will result (at a minimum) in an immediate suspension of practice/playing privileges, and a maximum penalty of dismissal from the team. The coaching staff will decide the severity of the penalty(ies) to be imposed for any rule(s) that is violated and/or for inappropriate behavior. All coaching staff disciplinary decisions are final.
  15. No parent, family members, or friends are permitted to heckle, harass or use derogatory, profane or vulgar remarks or gestures towards the opposing team, coaches or umpires. Again, Glacier Sports believes in sportsmanship. A parent, family member, friends or fans that violate this rule will be asked to leave the ballpark immediately. A second violation of the rule will result in banishment from the park and other team functions. A third violation will result in the player’s suspension up to dismissal from the team.  A player’s ejection from a baseball event for “unsportsmanlike conduct” will result in a two game suspension.  Prior to a player returning to competition, a meeting will be held with the player, head coach, board, and the player’s parent or legal guardian to discuss the circumstances and determine any additional course of action.  A second “unsportsmanlike conduct” suspension from a contest will result in denial of the privilege of participation in that sport for the remainder of the season, while triggering a second player, head coach, board and player’s parent and/or guardian meeting to discuss appropriate further remediation.
  16. Because we are concerned with the safety & progress of our teams and players, no Glacier player is allowed to play for another baseball team during the Glacier baseball season, unless approved by their team manager. Violation of this rule will result in the player’s suspension and/or dismissal from the team.
  17. Glacier organization fundraising is important to keep the cost lower for our players by helping us pay for the expenses such as  insurance,  website, equipment, field and indoor maintenance, field and facility improvements, baseball supplies, admin, legal, training and coach expenses. Each team is responsible to actively participate in the fundraising with either monetarily or volunteering their time or both.
  18. The Board and/or coaches retain the right to use discretion in the enforcement of the rules, policies, and consequences due to a broad range of behaviors, mitigating circumstances and a sincere desire to modify behavior.
  19. Any Glacier player who quits the team during the season (January 1st thru July 31st) after making the team will be ineligible to participate on any other Glacier team during that season and 1 season thereafter, including practices and any other activity sponsored by the Glaciers. There will be no refund of the Glacier registration fee or team registration fee to the player/and or parent.
  20. If your child is selected to participate as a member of any Glacier team, you agree to pay in full the Glacier Registration Fee by January 2021, prior to the training season. The Glacier Registration Fee is non-refundable and is utilized to secure the services of professional instructors, use of the Glacier indoor athletic facility & outdoor fields, tournaments, insurance, uniforms, maintenance expenses, improvements, and administrative costs. You hereby agree to waive any right to pursue a refund of the Glacier Registration Fee.
  21. All Glacier players are expected to abide by their coaches’ rules concerning conduct traveling to, and at and returning from a baseball event. These include practices, games and any other activity sponsored by the Glaciers. A coach is entitled to require rules that go above and beyond the above set of guidelines as well to impose any reasonable consequences for inappropriate behavior.
  22. The Glacier athletic participant and parents acknowledge that participation on the Glacier baseball team is a privilege and not a right. We further agree and acknowledge that playing time, position played and level played are determined by the coaching staff and not to challenge the coaches or board members as to these determinations. No refund of the Glacier registration fee and Team Registration fee will be given due to a child quitting the team as a result of lack of playing time. All participants are subject to the rules & policy listed above and by our signature we hereby acknowledge having read and agree to them.

Glaciers Indoor Facility Rules

  1. Food & beverages only allowed in vending area. Water is allowed in the dome.
  2. All players in the batting nets must wear a baseball helmet
  3. All coaches/parents pitching batting practice must wear a coaches helmet
  4. No players/and or minors allowed to pitch batting practice.
  5. Only players and coaches allowed in dome during practice times.
  6. No chairs allowed in dome or batting nets
  7. Baseballs cannot be removed from the batting nets and/or dome.
  8. No hitting into the fences of the batting tunnels.
  9. Teams are responsible to clean up baseballs, pick up trash, and put back nets in their designated areas after their practice times.
  10. Lockers are to be used by head coach and trainers. One locker per team.
  11. Any holes in net and/or L screens must be reported to Brett Pitzulo.
  12. All non-players must be seated in the vending area in the batting barn.
  13. Bat bags and team equipment must be hung on the batting barn fence or behind nets in the dome.
  14. No carrying or swinging bats outside the batting cages.
  15. No live hitting inside the dome. Dome can be used for defense, base running, and bunting.
  16. No scrimmages or games inside the dome.
  17. Only Glacier registered players and players getting training from Glacier Authorized trainers allowed to practice or train within the glacier facility.
  18. Any injuries in the Glacier facility must be reported immediately to Ron Fagert or Anthony Vross
  19. Team must have at least one background check approved coach with their batting, team, and camp practice times.
  20. No Horseplay in the Glacier facility.
  21. No tobacco, guns, drugs, or alcohol allowed within Glacier facility or on the premises of any Glacier fields or SR Products facility.
  22. Please keep restrooms clean
  23. Help to shovel the walks during snow accumulation. Apply ice melt when necessary to keep sidewalks free from ice.
  24. No swearing
  25. Lost and found items will be kept for 60 days then if not claimed will be donated or thrown away.
  26. Only 1 player at a time hitting live batting practice in each batting cage.

Rules for Glacier Outdoor Facilities (Pemberton/Koch/Glacier Fields)

  1. All gates, sheds, storage facilities, and doors must be locked when exiting the fields. Even if someone is practicing after your team, it is still your responsibility to follow through in making sure that whoever is after you is reminded to lockup.

  2. No team can practice or play a game at any of these fields without prescheduling it with Glaciers Trustees or Staff. Please inform Glaciers Trustees or Staff if your practice or game has been cancelled.

  3. All teams must pick up all their trash before exiting the fields.

  4. Teams cannot use fields when there is inclement weather or when they walk on the dirt infield and leave footprints. If you are doing Batting practice outside of the batting cages, please put a rubber mat where the coach is pitching on the grass infield

  5. Teams must rake their field after they have used it. Proper raking would mean if it would rain that night, there are no low spots or crevices on the dirt infield.