2020 Glacier Day at The Rescue Mission

Why did coaches, players, families, board members and staff of The Ohio Glaciers spend their time on Sunday, March 1st providing, preparing and serving meals to clients of The Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley? Because it was our second annual “Glacier Day,” which allows us the opportunity to give back to the community by helping them serve as many as 300 trays of meals in one single day!

Rescue Mission Volunteer Coordinator Robbie Jones said, “It is fantastic to see young individuals serving at the Rescue Mission as this will teach our young children to serve others throughout their entire life. In having “Glacier Day”, it will bless us financially since the cost for all the meals at the Mission is a large component of our ministry here.”

Our goal as an organization is to do more than groom young people into becoming exceptional baseball players – we want to help our players become exceptional young adults. In fact, our mission statement reads: “The Ohio Glaciers are committed to building a strong foundation of select young people who are committed to optimizing their baseball potential through hard work, determination, respect of the game through excellence, and competitive sportsmanship. Each player will challenge themselves to put in the time necessary to learn the fundamentals and strategies of the game,building character, self-image, and team spirit through a collaborative effort of disciplined preparation. The Ohio Glaciers combine the right mix of attitude, respect for the game, and athletic prowess to not only optimize the team’s win/loss record, but to optimize and bring out the best in every young player, preparing them for the ultimate game – the game of life.

We truly appreciate the ongoing generous support of our sponsors at fundraising events like our 2019 Britishmania Concert and our exciting upcoming 2020 Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding event, slated for July 17th at The Lake Club. Without them, Glacier Day at The Rescue Mission, as well as our support of Boys and Girls Club, Special Olympics, and the Koch Family Charitable Foundation, would not be possible. Thank YOU for supporting The Ohio Glaciers and allowing us to give back!

The Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley houses, feeds, counsels and educates hundreds of people each year through their different programs, enabling them to get back on their feet and become a contributive member of society.